Alphabetti Spagetti

23rd October 2021

Here is a challenge

Write a poem where the first letters in each line are in alphabetical order.
1) A … … …
2) B … … …
3) C … … …
n) … … … and so on.
Write as many lines as you wish, but at least 4 lines.
Good luck! 🔠 👍

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Let’s see how many we get.

Alphabetti Spaghetti is not my favourite food

Because of all the letters, they might spell something rude

Condensed milk, now I do love, and eat it from the tin

Dipping in a doughnut, I know that it’s a sin

Egg and chips with baked beans, and tomato sauce

Forever a favourite dinner, not everyday, of course

Grilled fish, especially on the bone, is something to avoid

Hate the thought of choking, it makes me quite annoyed

Ice cream of course, with chocolate sauce, is something to enjoy

Jelly too, with more ice cream, the dream of every boy

Kale, the stuff of smoothies, it makes me feel quite sick

Lattes, on the other hand, all frothy, creamy and thick

Munch, munch, munch, I love my food, that’s why I’m rather fat

No, please don’t say I need a diet, I really won’t like that

On the other hand, a heart attack, can really be quite fatal

Perhaps it’s time to trim my waist, it’s really rather ample

Quesadilla of course, the Mexican food is really rather spicy

Ridiculous as this may sound, it goes with chocolate brownie

Salmon, fried and juicy, simmering in the pan, with

Tarragon, the ideal herb, I’m really quite a fan

Unless you’re vegetarian, or you really don’t like meat,

Veal will not be on your plate, just dragged from mother’s teat

Watermelon, what a treat, especially in the summer

Xigua fruit is the African name, great if you’re a Boer

You know, I’m running out, of silly things to rhyme

Zander is last on my list, and now I’m out of time.

©Joseph R Mason – 2021

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