Hi, now here is a story worth writing, I was born Joseph R. Mason in a February sometime in the 1950’s in East Dereham, Norfolk, England, and have a birth certificate to prove it. My birth mother died when I was four days old, I was taken in (kidnapped) by an aunt, relocated to London, and subsequently adopted without my birth fathers knowledge or consent. At my adoption I was renamed Richard J. Kirk and I somehow have another birth certificate to prove that! I don’t think the authorities were so fussy in the old days, and Wandsworth Council obviously didn’t ask the right questions. I write using my birth name to honour my parents and birth siblings.

I am a retired engineer, an evangelical christian and a member of the leadership team at a large Baptist Church in Eastbourne, East Sussex where I have been a member for over 40 years.

I am married (since 1977) have three grown up children and five grandchildren.

I write mainly for my own amusement but always in the hope it might also bring pleasure to others.

The books are aimed at children and adults of age 10 to 76½ believing that there is always a gap for fast paced and humorous literature for this age group. The chapters are short, to fit in with bedtime reading and attention span!

My poetry can be more raw, edgy and often exposing. So aimed at a more adult audience.

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