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Coming in 2023… (hopefully!) A new book from Britain’s worst selling author Joseph R. Mason.

I am Ai.

Book cover for illustration purposes only

A science fiction adventure set in Afghanistan in 2005. Major Tom Mason is seriously injured by an explosion in Badakhshan, close to the Afghan/Pakistan border. He is put back together in a top secret wing of the Plymouth Special Naval Hospital, Derriford . He is upgraded and enhanced ready for some very special assignments back in Afghanistan after all UK troops were supposed to have left.

After Acts – Paul’s Fourth Missionary Journey.

A pseudo-theological story of Paul’s journey to Spain but with cross-references to actual biblical events. There is much historical evidence to suggest that St. Paul made it to Spain. The book of Acts ends abruptly and only three missionary journeys are recorded. There is however evidence of a fourth, this is the account of Paul’s last missionary journey before he was executed by Nero.

Available now on Kindle and Paperback…

The Acts of Paul and Thecla.

A contemorary English Translation – New Revised and Extended Edition.

Second Edition Published February 2023

A pseudo-theological book. Thecla’s story is one of many in the Apocryphal Acts which portray women giving up riches and sexual activity to follow the Apostles. The Apocryphal Acts of the Apostles is a category within Christian and Psuedo-Christian literature detailing the individual journeys of the eleven original apostles and Paul, either alone or in small groups, to the various areas assigned to them for evangelising by the risen Christ. – Amazon UK – Amazon USA

The Tales of Trymyll – three book compilation.

Thomas, Wizard’s Son – Book One.

Jonathan, Dragon Master – Book Two.

Glynda, Dragon Slayer – Book Three. – Amazon UK – Amazon USA

Glynda, Dragon Slayer – the third and final book og the series The Tales of Trymyll.

First published in 2022.

The third in the series, Three years have passed. This book follows Glynda, a nineteen year old orphan from a powerful wizarding family, and her continued adventures with Thomas and Jonathan in the lands of Trymyll and Kenefick. The Master is still at large. It ends with one final epic battle. Who will win and who will lose? Who will live and who will die?

Available on Amazon – Amazon UK – Amazon USA

Jonathan, Dragon Master, the second book of The Tales of Trymyll.

First published in 2021.

Following on from book one, book two follows the continued adventures of the two teenage wizards Jonathan and Thomas. In this book, they are joined by Glynda, a fifteen-year-old orphaned girl from a powerful wizarding family and her protector, Samuel, a tough fighting dwarf. Glynda becomes the keeper of a magical sword that can slice through anything, armour, swords, and rock, even a dragon’s scales. They all join to fight against the Master, the perfidious and misanthropic wizard who threatens to lay waste the land of Trymyll. The book has humour, pathos, and teenage angst.

Available on Amazon – Amazon USA – Amazon UK

Thomas, Wizard’s Son is the first in a trilogy, The Tales of Trymyll.

First published in 2020 and republished as a second edition in 2021 it tells the story of a teenage wizard,Thomas.

Thomas is 13, he doesn’t believe in magic, or wizards, or dragons but one Sunday, he is led into a cave which no one else can see, he meets a purple dragon called Howell who guides him through the cave to the land of Trymyll, there he meets a wizard. A proper and powerful wizard who does real magic. The magic is draining from Trymyll just as it has from our own world, and there is an evil, misanthropic, and powerful wizard who wants to destroy the land of Trymyll and everyone in it. Can Thomas save the day? He has no magic, he doesn’t even believe in magic, so, how can he? The story leads us on a path of discovery with dragons, wizards, elves, and the odd dwarf.

Available on Amazon – Amazon UK – Amazon USA

Little Book of Pomes, Volume One. -Amazon UK – Amazon USA

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