Christmas – What’s it all about.

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It’s all about the children,

It’s all about parties and fun.

It’s turkey and crackers and vino,

And a nice little glass of Blue Nun.

There’s Santa, there’s Rudolf and Blitzen

Mince pie, some milk, and a carrot.

Left out on the Christmas evening,

Hoping Santa will not leave us rot.

There’s presents, there’s pudding and cake,

Chocolates and socks by the ton

And a perfume that smells slightly dodgy.

But no mention of God’s Holy One.

But stop, yes stop, let’s think this through

Is it really ‘bout just having fun?

Is this really how God had designed it?

To honour the birth of his son?

The angels they sung out their glad tidings

Not expecting this this season to fade

Into seasons without any meaning

With Jesus just left where he laid.

So, let us remember this Christmas

Whilst let us not spoil any fun.

It’s not about all of the children

It’s really about just the one.

© joseph r mason 2020

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