Too young to have ID

I’ve unpublished this poem twice now, basically because I think it’s not to my usual standard. But I’ve republished, yet again, despite my misgivings.

blur lights photography during night

Me and me mates are on the town,

And in the corner shop

We want illicit booze to buy,

but the cashier, he shouts “STOP!”

“Before you purchase this or that,

there’s something I must see.

you look too young, not shaving still,

let’s see some good ID.”

“The reason I’m not shaving sir,”

(my head is in a whirl)

“The reason I’m not shaving sir,

is because I am a girl?”

“Don’t lie to me, I know your dad,

the local vicar is he.

I can’t serve you, you’re much too young,

and his God, he might strike me.”

“You need not worry about our God,

He’s loving and kind as well.

But my dad could have a word with him,

and make sure you go to hell.”

“Get out! Get out! You horrid child,

and don’t come back again.

I’ll have you know, God is not like that,

he want’s to save all men.”

“But He could make an exception,

an exception just for you.

Roasting in the fires of hell

up to your neck in poo.”

“Get out I said, I said be gone,

and don’t come back as well,

it wont be me in the roasting pot

but you and your mates as well.”

“Oh no I won’t, I know I won’t,

if you want I’ll tell you why.

Because Jesus is my saviour,

so I’ll never truly die.”

©joseph r mason 2020

Photo by Andreea Ch on

Rising to the challenge