Just for observation

Sorry dear, I have this pain,

Right across here, and here the same.

It’s probably nothing, don’t make a fuss.

I can see the doctor, I’ll go on the bus.

I’ll be all right in the morning.

Blue lights flash, and sirens wail,

The patient looks bad and very pail.

Race against time, race against time

Bet it’s a bloke who’ll say he’s just fine,

That he’ll be all right in the morning.

No, I’m really quite well, it’s just this pain

That’s giving me hell, makes my energy drain,

Im fine, Im fine, I’ll be all right.

It’s just my chest, it’s rather tight.

I’ll be just fine in the morning.

Attaching leads, legs arms and chest

Taking a reading, it’s all for the best

Irregular beats in troughs and peaks

We really should take you before it’s too late.

Or you’ll not be fine in the morning.

I’m sure it’s not as bad as you say,

It’s just a pain, I’ve had it all day

I’m really tired and I can’t stop yawning,

But I’ll be all right in the morning.

Yes, I’ll be all right in the morning.

We’re taking you in, there’s no more to say,

It’s the NHS, so there’s nothing to pay.

It’s one of the marvels of our wonderful nation,

We’ll just take you in for some observation.

Or you’ll not be all right in the morning.

Your wasting your time, and the doctors as well,

There’s really no problem, I just fainted and fell.

Observe all you want, there is nothing amiss

Though my breathings not good, comes out in a hiss.

And I’ll be all right in the morning.

The sirens are on and the blue lights are flashing

Through wide roads and lanes the ambulance dashing.

Call in to resus, to alert of our coming

Keep him alive, though the odds are quite baffling

No, he won’t be all right in the morning.

There now, we’ve made it, there was no need to fuss,

Though the pain is much worse, like I’ve been hit by a bus.

I told you I’m fine, all the doctors they lied,

Now the room’s growing darker, I think I just ……..

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© joseph r mason 2020

In response to Eugi’s weekly prompt “Observation” July 6th 2020. https://amanpan.com/2020/07/06/eugis-weekly-prompt-observation-july-6-2020/

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