Angel of Sunshine

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It’s when you smile,

The clouds, they part.

The sun comes through

to break my heart,

I cannot live another day.

To see your face is the only way

But I surrender to this hell on earth,

That you should die while giving birth.

So now, my angel,

For that’s what you are.

The wound is deep and will leave a scar,

I swear he’ll know his whole life through,

even though he’ll not meet you,

that you his mother was always blessed

as mothers went, you were the best.

So walk beside me, angel mine.

together will three’ll be just fine.

But though your gone, you’ll not be missed.

‘Cause your still here, and in our midst.

And every time I see your smile,

the sun will shine for a little while.

©Joseph R. Mason 2020

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