Hearts that bleed.

Car Crash
Photo by Dominika Kwiatkowska on Pexels.com

I question now my attitude,

or should I show contempt?

Or should I show some gratitude?

For that’s not what I meant.

I did not want this gift at all,

It goes against all natural laws,

But I really don’t wish to appal

But wait a mo, just pause……

The gift was only yours to give,

You do not need it now you’re dead

You gave it so that I would live,

I hear your heartbeat in my head.

My heart, that beats, that once, was yours.

Just keeps, on beating, beating well.

Sons of bitches, and sons of whores.

It was for you that tolled that bell.

They said a car wreck made you die.

And without your heart, my time would end

But I have to say, no word of lie.

I’d rather die, your life extend.

Please let me die, please let you live.

To let you breath, to feel the sun.

I wish it was my life to give.

My darling child, you were my son.

©joseph r mason 2020


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