The Accident – a short story

It was a quiet winters evening; the temperature had not risen much above zero all day and the morning frost had hung heavy in trees and hedgerows all day. I was on my way home, I took the road through the forest, it was a long and straight road only used by locals and sales reps on their way home and looking for fast shortcut.

I must admit, I was going quite fast, seventy-five, maybe eighty miles and hour, but hey, I drove over thirty thousand miles a year in my job and anyway, I was in an Audi, so the rules don’t apply to me.

I smirked at that thought and reached down, momentarily, to turn up the radio while singing.

“Got those highway blues, can’t you hear my motor runnin’?
Flyin’ down the road with my foot on the floor
All the way in town they can hear me comin’
Ford’s about to drop, she won’t do no more

And I smell my motor burnin’
Underneath the hood is smoke
Can’t stop, and I can’t stop
Got to keep movin’ on or I’ll lose my mind…..”

That’s as far as I got, when I looked up, ahead in the road stood a deer. I slammed on my breaks, the car skidded on the frosty road, hit the curb, and then flipped over, and over, and over, and over, I think I counted seven, stopping only when it wrapped itself round a tree. Somehow, I was thrown from the car, landing in a dazed heap about twenty feet down the road. I didn’t get up despite the cold, I’d seen enough of ambulance documentaries that my wife loves to watch to know that you shouldn’t move until the paramedics came and gave you the once over. Anyway, it didn’t seem that cold anyway, I was just dazed, disoriented, my mind seemed it was in a fuzz, so probably best if I didn’t move. You must be sensible in these situations, better to be safe than sorry, I thought to myself.

It wasn’t long before I hear the wail of sirens coming from both directions, ambulance heading towards me one way and a fire engine coming towards the car. They had all their lights on, so what I didn’t expect was the ambulance to head straight for me. I was in the middle of the road for crying out loud, surely, they could see me. At the last moment I rolled over to the side of the road, If I hadn’t, he would have gone right over me. What an idiot. I was going to have words, but I found I couldn’t move easily, I was giddy, still dazed, things were not very clear.

I decided to sit up in the road, I know, you shouldn’t do that, you might have a spinal injury and that could be life changing. But nothing was hurting, so I thought I’d give it a try. There, it was fine, no harm done.

The paramedics were both looking into the car, shaking their heads, had they still not noticed there was no one in it? After another few minutes, the police arrived. I was glad I hadn’t had that second pint; they were bound to breathalyse me. I’ll be fine.

They’d closed the road in both directions, but still they were ignoring me.

“That’s it,” I said to myself, “I’d better just get up and go and see them, because they still hadn’t seen me.”

It was a struggle getting up, but once vertical, I seemed just fine.

“I reckon he must have been doing eighty down here, look at the skid marks” one of the coppers said.

“Excuse me, I wasn’t doing anything over sixty if you don’t mind.”

They totally ignored me, so, that’s their game, because they think I’d been a naughty boy, they were just going to pretend I wasn’t there

I walked over to the car to have a look.

“Oh, my goodness, there’s someone inside, how did they get there?”

I looked at the car, “phew, that’s not mine, mine is much longer than that and it’s a completely different shape to mine, same colour though,” I said to no one in particular, “excuse me, have you seen my car, it must be around here somewhere.”

They didn’t answer, just stood there looking at the bloke in the car, shaking their heads.

“Bloody fool,” one of them said.

“Couldn’t agree more,” I answered.

It seemed like hours, but eventually they cut him out of the car and put him in a body bag.

I know it’s morbid, disrespectful even, but I went over to have a look before they zipped it up.

You couldn’t make out much face, it was covered in blood.

“Stop!” I shouted, “I saw his lips move, he’s still alive”

I bent down to listen, he was singing, actually singing at a time like this.

Oh, rockin’ down the highway
Oh, rockin’ down the highway
Oh, rockin’ down the highway
Oh, rockin’ down the highway.

Wasn’t that what I was singing just before the crash?

Song Lyrics ©The Doobie Brothers

Gwawdodyn: Belief

Post borrowed from The Twisting Tail.

Desperation aids faith through beliefMystical hope can welcome reliefBut suffering sin, is an act withinNothing but time helps release the grief Quatrain form with an ab rhyme scheme.The gwawdodyn is a Welsh poetic form with a of couple variations. However, both versions are comprised of quatrains (4-line stanzas) that have a 9/9/10/9 syllable pattern and […]

Gwawdodyn: Belief