© Richard j. Kirk 2019

A new day is dawning.

A new era is upon us.

A new world has begun.

Clichés each and every one.

Irrelevant all.


Demeaning to the ears.

Sayings which should be evicted.



Erased from all literature.

Cut from the tongues that speak it.


Dipping quill into crimson mixed with spittle.

We will compose afresh.

Then will arise a new patois.

Acrolect and basilect

Sociolinguistic labels

The upper and lower boundaries

The dawning of a new age.

© Joseph R. Mason 2021

29th January 2021

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3 thoughts on “Dawning

  1. I feel your poem is a realistic approach to current events. It’s evident painting a too rosy picture is misleading and won’t last forever. Time for us to move on and see life as it is. Brilliantly penned, Joseph.


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