Super Powers!

This little missive in no way reflects me or anything about me. I am sure it will resonate with many people, but not me, I have absolutely no concept of low self esteem, depression or anxiety. I am the happiest person I know and the happiest you will ever know. I am my own self appreciation society. So, please no messages of support. No DM me babes, no “wanna talk?” This is not a cry for help, it’s just a poem.

I have a super power,


I have another too,

Self loathing.

I hate myself with every fibre.

I have another super power.


I have another too,


It applies to my every action.

The super power I really want?


With it, I could change my every action.

Then life would be so different.

No DM me babes.

Or call if you wanna talk.

No regrets.

No self loathing,

Success instead of fail.

But it ain’t gonner happen.

So this is my goodbye.

Not goodbye friends.

I have none.

Just goodbye world.

I’m gone.

©joseph r mason 2020

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3 thoughts on “Super Powers!

  1. What a powerful and convincing expression of emotions for one who is down and out. I am glad you explained this is just a poem and not a reflection of your feelings. Excellent take on the prompt and thank you for joining in.

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