A question…..

Do you think having a literary agent increases your chances of being published?

Answers and if possible recommendations in the comments please.

Not me!

4 thoughts on “A question…..

  1. I think it helps to have a literary agent if you’re wanting to go the traditional publishing route, especially since some publishers (especially some of the bigger-named publishing houses) will not accept unsolicited or unrepresented submissions.

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  2. I self-published because I had no idea how to interpret the responses from publishing houses offering me contracts which were not traditional contracts as I understood them but demanded me to pay thousands of pounds. It would have been helpful to have had a literary agent who could have advised me on those non-traditional options.

    In the end, all I wanted was to hold my story in paperback form. I was not worried about how much the books I write would make. It has been incredibly rewarding to write them and the joy of readers getting in touch to say how much they enjoyed was the icing on the cake.

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