A poem about poetry.

Oh, the sword is mightier than the pen,
Ask any knight with a chopped off arm.
No! The pen is mightier than the sword
Ask any poet who does so little harm.

Read the psalms, the poetry of God,
In them you will find tales of loves destruction,
You’ll also find there pathos, love and humour,
In that whole book, the very best instruction.

For writing is the noblest form of art,
It makes you laugh, cry, and shed tears of joy.
Poetry, the aristocracy of writing,
Pleasing to both posh and hobbledehoy.

Used in love songs, rap and songs of praise.
Whether poems rhyme, or just discord.
They’re there for us to hear for all our days.
Let’s face it, poets never do get bored.

So, in this great debate on what is mighty,
Let us not forget some things are lesser too.
A quill starts life as just a humble feather,
But once a pen, just think what it can do!

© joseph r mason 2020.

Bonus haiku

Mighty River of rain.

Flow from the mountains
Oh river of great power
Turning back to rain.

In response to EUGI’S WEEKLY PROMPT “MIGHTY”, JUNE 29, 2020 https://wp.me/p4GrIP-hhC

4 thoughts on “A poem about poetry.

  1. You have defined poetry perfectly and it’s true poets never get bored. We have our poetry to keep us engaged hours upon hours. A nice finale with the bonus haiku and thank you for joining in.

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