For Kit. A poem……

For Kit. A poem.

Not for him, the hope of life,
For Kit is was assurance
That he was defo, heaven bound
He needs no reassurance.
So though we mourn, we also praise
We thank God for your friendship.
We praise the Lord with all our hearts
We thank God as we worship.

Of course we’ll mourn, and shed a tear,
We’ll miss him like no other.
For Kit was more than just a friend,
To us, he was a brother.
We’ll miss his laughter, wit and jokes,
We’ll miss the hugs and friendly pokes,
We’ll miss red wine, and G&T,
But the one we’ll miss the most is he.

You brought us joy, you brought us fun,
A ridiculous joke, a silly pun.
We’ll miss you Kit, now you are gone
Wondering which cloud you’re on,
Plucking away on a golden harp,
Some notes flat, some notes sharp.
And singing slightly out of tune
As with your Lord you do commune.

Remember us when you talk to Him.
Remember us as you sing that hymn,
When you’ve been there ten thousand years,
Bright shining as the sun,
you’ve no less days to sing God’s praise
Than when you first begun.

Miss you Kit. X.

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